Mother’s Day 2021

For Other Mothers.

This year Sweet Child of Mine helped me make candles for the Moms at my childhood church. Anonymous gift but even though I’m admitting it now, no one there will know because they don’t read this.

And admitting a lie, I didn’t really do anything making the candles except pick out one of the scents and most of the mugs. Sweet Child handled all the candle related stuff. Candle making is more complicated than I thought. I have heard of a double boiler before but didn’t know you could make one out of random cooking things. Sweet Child is a genius!

Is it chemistry? Is it physics? Is it sci-fi?

Candle tea cup/mugs was an idea I had years ago because I had lots of leftover teacups from one of my old church ladies group events and I wanted to use them for something else. Well, one day I must’ve lost my mind and put them all in a donation box. I went to get them out of the box I thought they were stored in and guess what, they weren’t there. I vaguely remember thinking that I’m never going to make the candles anytime soon and needed the storage space. It was going on more than a few years them being in storage anyway.

So I bought new mugs. Teacups and saucers are adorable but I couldn’t see anyone using those like they would mugs. I also bought a candle making starter kit that included a few glass jars and votives and tea lights. Those we made for fun and kept for ourselves.

Sweet Child wanted to include decorated matchboxes. Wonderful idea because if they are like me and have no idea how to work a stove or also like me and have an electric stove, then how would they ever get the candle lit? I have a candle lighter but sometimes I don’t. That’s why giving them matches would be the nice thing to do.

What else is genius? Using old, unused chopsticks to stir the wax and mix the scents. Much better than disposable, plastic, meltable utensils I found. Like THIS

Goro: I like tofu sandwiches.
Scents: Sugar Cookie, Coffee, Pearberry.
All done. Time to cut wicks.
Use with adult supervision.
That doesn’t look like coffee in those cups…

The mugs are meant to be reused, so we didn’t fill them to the top in case someone didn’t like the scent. It will be easier to scrape out or melt away.

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