My Day Again, This Time Birthday!

MY day.

It started out unicorn themed but I was having trouble deciding on food (I know that has nothing to do with unicorns), so I switched it to Star Wars. Mainly because the new manager at my work let me choose the theme for the student worker party and since that was on May 4th, I said Star Wars. She bought a Star Wars food label set from Etsy and gave me a copy and that made it easy for me to pick food for my party.

It also started out at a coffee shop that does paint parties and that’s how I ended up with unicorn, based on their selections, but they did let me change the theme later. Then an unfortunate incident happened to the owner so they had to cancel last minute and I switched it to a home party.

Let the party begin!

I kept the same party time but told everyone to come to my place instead. I slept late so by the time I got around to shopping for paint supplies it was afternoon. And the party was at 4:00! Quickly went to Walmart and had fun throwing all kinds of paint colors into the cart.

Got home and did a photo shoot with the paint haul. The Joy In My Life arranged them for me. Before we go any further, I need to say how much she helped with the party and how thankful I am for her. She’s the best at organizing and she got it all together for me when I was ready to just give up and tell everyone they can get their snacks and drinks and paints off the counter and good luck finding anything in the kitchen because I can never find anything in the kitchen, and I live here.

It wasn’t that dramatic but I was running out of time and I really was probably just going to let everyone dig into the snacks themselves instead of setting it out neatly.


If it isn’t clear which side I’m on, The Joy In My Life wrote it on the banner. All of the birthday banners were colorful and I’m not so I got a blank black banner. It’s my version of “happy birthday.”

Should be obvious.

What about party guests? Who was there?

I’m getting to that! Dang, let me talk about my evil self for a minute.

I have such a small apartment that not everyone invited to the coffee shop party got to come over but we did make plans to hang out later.

I was so impressed with the two kiddies because they sat right down and got to work. It took me an hour to finally decide what I wanted to paint. And it was basically straight line, simple brush strokes. They already painted a few things before I even got halfway through mine. At the coffee shop paint party, they give you canvasses with theme pictures already sketched out for you. That would make it easier for a couple of us who couldn’t decide, but I’m glad everyone got to paint what they wanted.

At the coffee shop paint party, the guests all paint the same picture in a two hour time slot. I chose Kylo Ren because he’s my fav. But the guests could always paint something different if they wanted. At home it was a total free for all. And it lasted until 10:00 pm. And that was only because a few guests had to be at work by 7:00 am. Otherwise we would’ve been painting well past midnight.

There was a mixture of everything and I was so happy everyone got to show their interests. A few were still in progress so they aren’t shown but hopefully they’ll make into the pictures of the next paint party.

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