Mommy Dearest’s Day!

That’s me, I’m Mommy Dearest. It’s my day. I want you to know about it.

First, I was surprised with flowers in all my favorite colors!

I can’t get over how lovely this is!

Next, I was surprised with something I needed but didn’t want to admit that I needed.

That’s me.

Then, a bonus, something I really didn’t know I would need.

A case with my fav Akatsuki guy. It looks like we’re a team.

Guess the first song I listened to after I got them connected!

Remove the protective plastic and we’ll be ready to go!

I kept the red elastic gift wrap thing to use as a wristlet and to make it easier to grab out of my purse. It does match.

I should probably tell you about dinner too. I like this place called Goro. The ramen is good but I always get Tofu Nikuman and I call it a sandwich. This area is a couple of shops down from Goro but it’s where I like to park.

Not Goro.

– – –

Edit: Over a week later and the flowers are still blooming and looking beautiful. I even took a few out to put in a smaller vase.


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