Fourth of July

I missed the Fourth of July celebrations that happened on Saturday June 30th because I had a very bad headache. But July 4th was actually on a Wednesday this year and by then I was feeling better so I got a second chance for fun.

I did have fun, except for when I tried to make a dessert. I was trying to make pretzel stick fireworks made out of halved sticks dipped in candy melts. And it wasn’t even real cooking, it was just melting chocolate!

Here is the disaster in the form of my Snap story.

I asked my aunt for a bowl to melt the chocolate and I read the instructions on the back of the candy melts package. Seemed simple enough. Only the chocolate didn’t melt like it was supposed to but the plastic spoon I used to stir it did. Go on, roll your eyes.


Aunt tried to help. She got more spoons and put the bowl back in the microwave for me. I blame sleep deprivation, because I stayed up super late the night before and I think I may have told her 2 minutes because the bowl is kinda big.

And this is why I stay out of the kitchen.


Not sure if you can see it in the picture but the bowl started melting and there were a couple of holes at the bottom. Cousin had to step in and say 30 seconds, stir and then 30 more seconds… And we switched to glass because it’s better to melt stuff in the microwave.


But we did get dessert. Thanks to Cousin who doesn’t burn any desserts.


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