One of those “you had to be there” stories but this why I love my friends. They have a sense of humor that understands my sense of humor. We laughed and probably caused a scene. Here are the conversations.

It all started when I went to microwave a mid morning snack and ran into them in the hallway.

T: What do you have?

C: Parmesan bread twists from Domino’s. Want some?

T:  I started my diet today.

C: How about you start it tomorrow?

T: No, I started it today.

C: Don’t you have cheat days?

T: Yes.

C: Have your cheat day today.

T: You’re the spawn of Satan!

Walking on, my other friend pops out of her office doorway at the opposite end of the hallway so I turn around and walk back to meet her.

L: Chas!

C: Hi!

L: What are you doing for lunch?

C: Nothing. Want to go?

L: Yes. What is that?

C: Parmesan bread twists from Domino’s. I have extra, want some?

L: No, but it smells nice. Go away.

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