Christmas 2019

This year Amazing Daughter cooked a wonderful Christmas dinner for our family at my mom’s (her Gma) house. Take a look.

There are a few things missing like the delicious mashed potatoes and gravy but all the food that was on the stove didn’t make it into the picture. We were still setting up and getting things in order and I was taking pictures. Ok, so maybe I wasn’t really helping, I was just being in the way.

My mom likes to decorate doors so this is her doing. And everything on the table below it.

For the presents this year I wanted to do like a PR box and put all the gifts into one box but at the time we didn’t know what size box we would need and Amazing Daughter had a better idea. We could still put lots of little things into a box but we’ll stack them and tie them up like this!

This is the haul. Minus Amazing E & T’s presents and the presents they wrapped in her cool Harry Potter wrapping paper.

The cool thing is there are all 4s in this part of my family (not including my mom). 4 guys, 4 girls, 4 grands = 2 girls & 2 boys. And I have 4 Grandcats! It makes it easy to shop.

I have a LOTS of relatives on my mom’s side but this is just with my siblings and our kid(s).

On my dad’s side I also have LOTS of relatives but I never know who will be at my grandparents house for Christmas so I just label the presents according to what kind and whoever is there and fits the present gets it.

But I can’t let you go without showing you someone adorable!

That little elf was happy with his Kermit baby that he got from cousin E (Amazing Daughter).

Happy Christmas 2019!

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