My most favorite band in the world. Who just happens to be from almost the other side of the world.


Plus it’s Valentine’s Day today so this is how I’m showing you love.

They’ve toured here in the U.S. before but I’ve never gone to see them because I was always hoping they’d slowly make it to Oklahoma someday. That doesn’t seem like it’s ever going to happen and after the rough 2019 I had, I wasn’t going to wait around, I needed to see them NOW. This was my Christmas present to myself last year. Why did I wait until today to share this? Lazy, that’s why. Joking. It’s because I’m selfish and wanted to keep them all to myself but since today is suppose to be the day to gift love, this is my gift to you.

House of Blues in Dallas, TX was the nearest show so that’s where I went. It was really cold out, and I wasn’t expecting that but I braved it and left my coat in the car. It’s always a good temperature inside the venue and I didn’t want to bother with holding it the entire time.

I usually want to be FRONT ROW but I was worried about having a panic attack because that was my life just a couple of months ago so I didn’t mind being in the back in case I needed an escape. Thank the Lord I was completely fine and enjoyed the show, because it was the best. As soon as the music started I felt so calm and at peace. The place isn’t that big so even the back is still decently close to the band.

Here they are: The lovely DIR EN GREY.

They. Are. Beautiful.

I love how the top of Toshiya’s bass lined up perfectly with the W.

I even got to see Kyo walk to the bus after the show. Talk about direct line of sight and also being a bit starstruck that I couldn’t even take a picture!

Too slow, he was already in the bus now.

See everyone in their coats and hats? But here is me being super cold in a sleeveless dress and thin cardigan and seriously regretting touching that sticky pole. It was nicely graffitied on the other side though. Consolation.

It was such a wonderful night and I’m so thankful it happened. I also met some great fans afterward when we were all hanging out waiting for the band to walk back the their bus.

I can’t wait to see Dir en grey again and if you don’t know anything about them, look them up or watch this little video from the show. You can’t see it clearly in the video but there was a sign on the wall that said no moshing but towards the end, people were just too happy not to.

*sorry for the bad video quality and shakiness, I was holding my phone above my head to record (because I’m short) and my arm was getting tired.

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