New Place November

We are now moved into our new place. True, we moved here last month in October but so many things were going on and I was exhausted so all month I hardly did anything productive. I didn’t even celebrate Halloween. SAD FACE. MAD FACE. I barely made a dent in unpacking. I’m waiting for the week long holiday I’ll get at the end of this month to really get organized.

The funny thing is we have another living room window that doesn’t fit blinds so they’re on the wall again, instead of inside the window area.

It’s octagon shaped. I can’t get a center view of it because we now have a big couch and a tv in front of it.

The good news is all of the other windows in here are normal.

But hey, what is this?

It’s for a landline phone I think. The kind that was hung on the wall back in the day. I’m old so I can’t remember.


Hopefully by Christmas everything will be unpacked and situated. One positive thing about moving to a smaller place with zero storage space, it forces you to declutter. I’m feeling so much better about that. The old house had so many cabinets, built in drawers, and built in shelves and my favorite room separating floor to ceiling cubby shelf that was adorably neat. So of course we filled up every bit of it. Not anymore.

We’ll be ready for the next move.

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