Product Review! Morphe x Jeffree Star Brushes

Lie. It’s not a real review I just want you to see my cool stuff.

I’ve had this for a looong time but never opened it because I wanted to save it for when I was a bit more experienced with makeup. Not to mention I can’t wear makeup in the summer because Oklahoma summers tend to melt your face off. I should test out some makeup to find out what products could handle our weather! But that would mean I have to go outside on purpose. I’m already outside enough as it is and I hate outside! Sorry, this heat makes me complain more than usual.

Not really, I complain the same.

Ok, so that was to be continued. It is now Fall, or maybe Winter… we never know in Oklahoma. It could be cold right now and then suddenly warm up and it’s summer again.

Now that I’ve had this for even looongerrr, I might as well open the package and show you.

Tada! I do have a small pair of scissors hidden in the package. Ignore them. I needed a place to keep them while we were moving.

It looks all frosted glass but it’s just plastic to keep the shape.


They’re individually wrapped in thin plastic. Protected by that thick frosted glass plastic.

I’m known for destroying things. I’m afraid to open them further.

Ok, that wasn’t so bad.

Now let’s put them away, quick!

The next challenge will be using them.

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