Hospital Spa

It’s not really a spa, I was calling it that because of my robe, slippers, and headband. To the outside world it could possibly look like a spa. It’s in a serene, quiet setting surrounded by trees. The hospital is only a couple of years old and it’s very nice. It’s owned by the Chickasaw Nation (tribe) but it serves other tribes as well.

I usually try to block out any experience I’ve had in a hospital but this time I wanted to be adultish, so I wouldn’t cry every time I remembered it, and just tell myself that it was nice and almost like a spa.

The old hospital the Chickasaws had was called Carl Albert, located in the middle of town but this new hospital is on the outskirts, surrounded by trees. Not that being located in the middle of town was bad, because it was like right next door to a Walmart and that made it convenient if you needed anything. And not that being out there on the edge of town is bad, because you get that peace and quiet.

This is the room I was in and this is the weather I had the first few days in the hospital. I’m really surprised I even got this picture. I didn’t feel like picking up my phone at all. Anyway, these windows would make me happy any other time and it’s a great view if you like nature because it’s all trees and sky. The shades work, even the top one.

The windows in this hospital are amazing. They aren’t all plain squares, they have all different sizes and it gives the place a modern museum type of look and that makes it less frightening to be there.

Another great part about this hospital is the food. They call your room to take your order and you can choose the daily special or pick anything you want from the menu. It’s like a restaurant in a way. Or better, because they have everything labeled in case you’re on a special diet. The old hospital did the same.

When they bring your tray, it’s loaded with extras (if your diet allows) like sugar packets, salt and pepper, butter, etc. The dinner rolls and toasts are in their own foil looking package to keep them warm. The real (not plastic) utensils are wrapped in a paper package along with a napkin and a straw and I felt bad using all those straws and if I wasn’t so out of it or miserable I probably would’ve requested not to get all of those extras. But being in the hospital, I think that’s probably the only time it would be ok. I keep thinking of that movie The Devil Wears Prada and the hospital scene that shows their food and I know it’s just a movie but I have heard people complain about hospital food before.

Here is another little thing that I like. There are charging stations in some of the waiting areas.

This is the day I got to go home. Sunny, of course. I took these pictures on the last day I was there because I knew weeks and weeks later when I felt better I would want to share it with you.

The long window goes all the way to the other side of the room. On the bottom right corner is part of a reclining chair and next to that is a large corner shelf so the window extends that far. I took this from the hospital bed so that’s why you only see half of the window.

I’m only sharing this with you so when I remember this moment and start being a crybaby about it, you can make me feel better by saying, “But you were like almost at a spa!” Maybe said with better grammar though. Haha.

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