Am I Going To The Hospital…Or The Spa?

My sis drove me around the day before my surgery to pick up items that I needed to take with me to the hospital. A robe and some houseshoes. I don’t have normal stuff like that. I wear old cardigans at home as housecoats and I wear old comfortable flats as houseshoes. I don’t have normal pajamas either, I wear my work/school T-shirts and old leggings as pajamas. The reason is sometimes I go to Walmart late at night and even though pajamas are normal attire for that place, I don’t want to bother changing out of pajamas into the T-shirt and leggings that I would already be wearing if I just wore those to begin with.

My intention was to go buy some junky, cheap, unattractive items that I would never wear again and end up tossing away later. But not with my girls! Daughter and Sis won’t let me get away with buying something I don’t really like. I either walk out of the store with something I’ve been wanting for awhile or something super cute that they found for me. Never with anything that I would waste my money on or toss away later. I’m so thankful for them!

For this trip to the hospital I was imagining wearing some plain old housecoat and houseshoes, but NO WAY! This time I’ll look like I’m going to a spa! I totally had an image of the movie Mommie Dearest and being all rich and famous wearing my robe and fluffy house slippers and the bow headband to keep my hair back. I’ll be looking all fancy in that hospital!

While I was staring at the rack of robes, my sis found the fluffy house slippers and while I was still staring at all the robes, she found the headband. We ended up going to another store for a robe because the one she found awhile back wasn’t there anymore.

Here is my hospital fabulous look.

Much, much better than the stuff I would’ve gotten if I had went by myself.

Afternote: The headband doubled as an eye mask when I was trying to sleep and the lights in the hospital room were bothering me.

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