When You’re In Pain But Can’t Resist Haunted Places

Spoiler alert: This place is NOT haunted. But keep reading anyway.

My sister cleans her husband’s family’s church every week and my mom cleans the regular church. I say regular because my mom goes regularly to another church but is not a member. (Her home church is miles and miles away) Those two ladies and their hearts. God bless them greatly!

This particular day I didn’t go to work because of my alien baby pain, so I went to hang out with my sister while she cleaned. I sat within talking distance of wherever she was working because the church is huge, but at one point an open door caught my eye and I slowly walked over to investigate.

This room is used for the newborns and babies that don’t walk yet because there is a door that goes to a staircase and older kids would probably try to open it. On this day it wasn’t locked. It was barely shut. I’m a curious person but also lazy so I don’t think any other day I would’ve cared that much but because I was in some pain, it caused my brain to think it was a good idea to open it.

That little crack in the stairs where you see a doorknob is a closet in the room where this doorway is.

Should I go? Of course I should. I’m good at trespassing. Oh, look to the right, see the white tiles and the board? That’s not the ceiling to the room where the closet is. It looks like it but no, it’s like it could be a storage area or some bedroom book reading area. But don’t do that because you’ll just fall through the ceiling into the room where the closet is.

At the top of the stairs you’ll find…

If this church were a house, this would be a decent bedroom except for the little doorway to another place where Coraline’s “other” mom can get you.

Look, someone already decorated this imaginary bedroom with posters.

Oh, but this room, NO. WAY. It looks like someplace Carrie would get locked when she was bad.

If I were a psychic, I’d be like, “this is where a child was locked, an innocent child…a very powerful child…”

Go watch the movie!

This room has no windows and TWO creepy little doorways to places unknown. Also, no light bulb.

Thanks Snap. I just repeated myself.

Ok, I didn’t want to stand in the doorway too long because my imagination made me think the room was going to suck me into it. But at least I’ll have a place to sit while I’m waiting for someone to rescue me. (shrugs shoulders)

Getting the heck outta there, I turn around to go back down the stairs and see this colorful baby toy.

I could’ve been trapped, yo!

Now look to the left, you’ll see a bit more of the bedroom book reading area I talked about earlier. They need to make this part church, part house. It would be so cool!

But first, demolish that Carrie room.

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