About Needing Energy For Everthing

I’m dozing in my recliner, like always.

HIM: I thought you were going to to play (Xbox)?

Me: (Barely opening my eyes) I am. When the cookies are done I’ll eat some and then have energy to play.

HIM: This is how the zombie apocalypse is going to happen. Other people will be strapped with grenades and guns and weapons and I’ll have to be strapped with Doritos and Oreos and granola bars just to keep you energized.


Another day.

Me: I don’t know where the crackers are.

HIM: Probably under your pillow. You need energy to wake up.


And another day. (My favorite)

Me: While we’re still deciding where to eat, I’m going to get a snack.

Eternity: You’re going to stop to get a snack on our way to get food?

Me: I need energy to walk all the way over there to get the food.

(In my defense, we were walking like three blocks to get food)

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