After all these years I finally went to my first OKC Thunder game! You know by now that I hate people and I’m not really into sports but I am a Thunder fan. Doesn’t make sense but it’s me so why would it? Anyway, I won’t turn a sports game on in my house but I will totally watch and cheer and stress out when a game is on at someone else’s house.

I’m no stranger to sports events though. My parents and the rest of my relatives were and are into sports and have played at one time or another, so I’ve been to and around games my entire life. But the active sporty lifestyle just wasn’t for me I guess.

What I don’t like is the icky, grossy, annoying movie theater goers so that’s what I imagine will happen at games and probably why I was never interested in going to watch one before. I just can’t deal with that BS. That’s why I only go to like one movie a year. I can wait for it to be on DVD. At the game there was one guy trying to be an asshole, but Thunder fans are the best and didn’t give him the attention he desperately wanted.

We got there when the doors opened so everything was all clean and nice. People weren’t pushy and minded their own business. It was much more pleasant than I expected. I’ll definitely go again.

We were in Loud City, which looked like nosebleed seats but it really wasn’t that far away. I was joking about needing binoculars but next time I’ll sit up there again.

The ball flew off the court and almost took out some kids, so yeah I’d rather sit up high.

I was calling this the spy ball.

This is my favorite picture because look on the left, it looks like the Pistons guy was frightened and ran to the Thunder guy to protect him. “Hold me”

This is player #0

And we won!

I’m glad we won because I would’ve been super mad about buying nosebleed seats just to watch them lose. Just kidding. I knew they would win. WE were there, so I’m saying that’s their motivation to kick panties. They wanted to give us a win.

I’m disappointed about the whole Love’s situation though. Mainly because they charge me $50 for $5 of gas when I use my bank card. It’s a holding fee or whatever and I get it refunded in a day or two but still. They should know, if I’m only getting $5 in gas I probably don’t have $50 for them to hold. So now I have to make sure I have $5 in cash when I get gas, like picking up change from the floor and in the drink holder. But really, their name on the uniforms just looks tacky. Even if it does kinda match.

Darn you, Love’s. (Shaking my fist in the air but not in a cheering way)

But stopping at the Thunder shop made me happy. Look at this cute baby!

And look at this cute couple!

My sister and her husband Josh. During the game one of the wimpy, weak Pistons was doing free throws and misses one. Josh yells, “Do it again!” It was the funniest thing. If you happened to catch this game I’m sure you heard him in the background.

Overall, this was a great night and so much fun. Not just the game but getting there and leaving after. But like I’ve always said, we make everything fun.

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