Moving Abroad?

If moving out of the country, what would be your concerns? Visas, a place to live, jobs, vaccines?

Well, now after all these decades, I’ve finally found a bunch of products that I really, really like and I wonder if I would be able to get those exact products in other countries. So my first concern would be if they sell my favorite nail polish, lipsticks, shampoo, shower gel, hand lotion and soap there? Of course I could always order from their websites but what if they don’t ship to that country?? Luckily, I’m one of those “What if?” people so I already figured out a solution. Expensive, but it’ll be worth it and I’ll be happy when I get what I need.

My second worry is if pizza and French Fries will be there. I talk about them like they are my friends, because, I’m just weird, that’s why. I’m not too worried about Coca Cola and potato chips because those friends are well traveled so I expect Coke and chips to always be there making me feel at home.

Third, fabric! Because what else am I going to do when internet goes down and I can’t play my video games? Sew things! Will I be near a fabric store? Oh, wait! What if I can’t even get a game console? Uh, as long as I have one or the other I’ll be fine. But WHAT IF I sew all my fabric and need to buy more? What if I have to make my own fabric? What if I can’t make BLACK fabric? What if wearing black is illegal??

Great, now I have more imaginary problems I need to find answers to.

But normal people would probably think about things like…hm..


Actually, I don’t know. See above I guess.

Because what I mentioned is really all I would worry about. My favorite products and junk food and if I can still wear black. It truly is how I survive in this world. I’m fed, occupied, and draped in a lovely evil color. That’s what matters.

If I did move I’m sure I would have to think more responsibly so I’m glad I just stay home where I can be as irresponsible as I want.

This is my uniform of life.

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