Friday, Spring Break Day

Yes, day. As in one.

I work at a private school and we get one day off for spring break because we are open the entire week the students are out. But I’m not complaining, because one is better than none.

This was Friday, the day after the birthday adventure we had on Thursday. Daily fun!

I’m not into beaches and certainly not into sun. We went back to these underground “tunnels” that are hallways (where there is no sun) underneath downtown OKC and walked around and got some snacks in one of the cafes there. There are quite a few businesses and restaurants in the tunnels but it’s not crowded and it’s very peaceful. It’s just an interesting place to go if you want to take a break from the busy day, or walk for your health, or play Funhouse, or Ministry of Magic, or RESIDENT EVIL!

I’m totally thinking about opening an umbrella shop down there and naming it Umbrella Corporation and giving discounts to whoever gets that joke. A discount coupon for later if they know why my store is in that location. They’ll need the discounts because I’m gonna overcharge for my products! Haha. Kidding.

Back to real life.

The hallways are color coded and there are maps in case you need them.

The light colors and light placements are all different for each hall. Some are crazy.

Some of the hallways have murals and some are just painted cool. This one is my favorite. I like purple.

Further down in the green hall is a cafe where we got snacks.

There are multiple entrances and exits so this time we came out from the The Skirvin Hilton hotel because it was the closest to where we were going next. The Skirvin hotel is supposedly haunted, and the underground hallway to the hotel looks like it would be in that movie Catacombs, the one with Pink. So yeah, it’s a bit scary if you compare it to the movie.

Going up the stairs to The Skirvin.

After a late lunch at Abuelos in Bricktown (next door to Downtown) we walked around the canal and watched a duck fight and almost a boat crash, and took a bunch of pictures on rocks that I’m sure we weren’t supposed to be climbing on. I’m giggling because we are such bad kids.

Then it was time for bowling! We went to Midtown (just down the road from Downtown and Bricktown) to Dust Bowl Lanes and Lounge where you get a blast from the past if you’re old, or a new trip to the past if you’re young, because the atmosphere is all 70s! There’s a “living room” that I’m always telling people is mine and joking that I’m too cheap or poor to update it or that I’m stuck in the 70s and that’s why it still looks that way. I was only in the 70s for two years but still, I was there!

There aren’t any fancy electronic score keeping machines because this place is “back in the day” remember? So you have to keep score yourself. They give you instructions and an example sheet though.

Us older ones had a lane and the two little ones had their own lane. Sometimes the little ones would knock down more pins than me! Haha.

They have good food here and there’s Fassler Hall upstairs that’s really fun too.

When out of town people ask me what there is to do in OKC, I never know what to say. Like what are they looking for exactly, because all these places are fun to me. I guess they are looking for Shibuya? Well if that’s what they want they should go there. I had so much fun this day that I want to slap anyone who thinks they are too cool to enjoy a day like I had today.

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