My friend Lisa sells Premier Designs Jewelry and I hosted an online party and got some free rings! I just wanted to show them because in case you didn’t know, I’m currently a jewelry addict.

I’m poor so I can’t afford this ever often but this was a great party because everyone’s orders accounted for my free rings (but you can pick whatever type of jewelry you want) and then I was able to get discounted earrings. What I really like about Premier is they sell size 5 rings. I don’t know if everyone wears that size or companies just don’t want to bother with that size or if little kids eat them because of that size but it’s always disappointing when I walk by something sparkly in a store and I stop to look and can’t find a 5. The worst is when it’s on clearance. But I buy the smallest size they have anyway and tape it to make it smaller. I gave up on ever finding anything smaller than a 5 until midi rings showed up. I talked about my cutie midi ring before and I’ve been posting pictures of it on Snap and Instagram ever since. I probably will with these too. Sorry. I have no life. It’s all jewelry, pizza, fries and Coke. I throw in some Cherry Coke for a little excitement.

This is my first rose gold ring. I already have a few black rings but I’m always willing to add anything black to my already black collection.

If you want some of this sparkliness, you can order it from my friend. Better idea, have a party and get it free!

Lisa, get these people some jewelry!


  1. My friend’s wife has a couple of wedding rings, you know, ones that cost a lot of money, but she always prefers crackerjack prizes like these. Any way, do you have any advice I can give him in the matter?


    • Tell him girls will be girls and we’re so complicated, just give us what we want. Haha. But seriously, I have a couple of expensive wedding rings that I refuse to wear because I’m so rough on my jewelry and I’d rather lose the Walmart jewelry (not these) than the special ones that I want to hold onto.


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