Saturday Adventures

Mostly on Saturdays but sometimes on weekdays when I go with my family on errands or to do something fun they turn out to be what we call “adventures.” Meaning that we don’t just go from point A to point B and then go home to point A again. I mean we start out at Pre A or -A or whatever would be before A, if there was a letter before A, before we get to point A. Then it ends up Point A to Point A 1/2 then to Point B to Point B part 2, and then point C and maybe Point C.5 and then other letters and measurements and versions all mixed in between. But this is what makes these trips fun and exciting and we always discover new places to visit later.

This Saturday in particular, we were supposed to go to lunch and then to a dress shop. That was the plan. We did leave room for maybe stopping by another shop or someplace afterward. So maybe 3-4 places? But it’s rarely like that. In this case we went to a combined total of 16 places.

I’m going to do my best to recount the entire day. Starting with Pre A.

I was supposed to meet Sis at her church but I had to stop by my banks first and that took a little longer than expected. Yes, I have multiple banks because I launder money. So we decided to meet at a department store which is going to be Point A.

Point A is a whole story itself but I’ll skip to save lots of time.

From Point A we go straight to lunch because by then we are both hungry. Did I mention that I got up early? Like at 8 am. It was now noon. I had to stop at sonic for a snack in between this all of this because I was about to faint. I will count Sonic as one of the places for the day.

So we get to lunch, The Mule in OKC. But, I haven’t been there since last year and lots of stuff has changed. Parking for instance. You now have to pay to park. Or at least that’s what the signs say. Of all the times we’ve been there we’ve always been extremely lucky and found an empty no charge spot right in front. That day just seemed really crowded and busy. I don’t remember it ever being that hectic. There might have been a play going on or something because there is a little theater nearby. Anyway, we drive around the block and some other blocks to find an open spot. Meanwhile, we are getting distracted by the houses in the neighborhood that are being remodeled and making jokes about driving up into people’s yards to park. Finally, there was an open free spot next to the lot that charges. We walk into The Mule and find out there is a 40 minute wait. I was looking forward to this place since last year but no way I was going to make us stand there that long so we went down the road (actually a lot further down the road) to The Loaded Bowl.

There we sat at the only available table and not a booth which is where I like to sit, because that place was also packed but we did get our food fast! So we enjoyed lunch. We were going to get a dessert on the way out but the long line was starting to wrap around the one of the tables so we went somewhere else. What was going on that day? It would’ve been a dangerous time if zombies happened, all those people out.

Next stop is Pinkitzel downtown to grab a cupcake and some macarons for our dessert before moving on.

Then it’s the dress shop. We walk into David’s Bridal and it’s instant stress for me. People are everywhere! Like entire families INCLUDING CHILDREN are there. Do little kids and babies in strollers and grandpas and random guys really need to be there while you try on dresses? And restrooms. Why are there not an adequate amount, don’t they know ENTIRE FAMILIES and EXTENDED FAMILIES and RANDOM EXTRA PEOPLE are coming to the store and might need one?

Off to Party City next door to hopefully find some peace and quiet and an open restroom. Nope, the restroom is occupied. But we did get peace and quiet while we walked around laughing and having a good time looking for stuff we might need for both of our Girls’ birthdays and parties this month. Now, tired of waiting, we hang around in the aisle that’s directly across from the restroom hall so we can see when the occupant leaves. The situation is hilarious. It’s going on a while… and still occupied. All giggling, “If they’ve been in there that long, I’m scared to use it”

Wise words, so we go next door again, this time to Target because we know they have more than one. Finally, a restroom and a break so now we can go back to Party City and pretty much have a party while taking our time picking up what we need. Then it’s back to David’s Bridal. The situation there hasn’t improved.

We now have half an hour to closing to make it 7 minutes down the road to another dress shop called Moliere. My Sis knows what she’s looking for so it won’t be a problem. We get there with 15 minutes to spare, quickly skim the dresses, find nothing, and decide to go look at formal wear at the mall.

Quail Springs Mall it is. Sis wants me to try the Mermaid Tea that she got on a previous visit. I’m excited because it looks yummy. We check out Dillard’s and some other stores first. At Dillard’s I get us off track because there is a shoe sale going on and I start grabbing pairs in my size and trying them on then I remember that I’m not trying to buy more shoes, so I drop the shoes and secretly pout and we get back to looking for the dress department. We walk all over the entire store before we end up right next to where we started! Haha. There was a large section of formal wear right on the other side of the shoe department. She finds what she needs and talks me into trying on a villain looking dress and I found a dress similar to the one Jeffree Star wore before that girl whoever she is, wore it to an awards show. We make jokes about what dresses we would wear and where we would wear them. Then it’s tea time. Our last stop before leaving the mall. Well, Rude boy gets our order wrong, acts like it wasn’t his fault but Nice girl steps in and tries to help fix the situation. After trying to be nice and accepting his dumb mistake, we just can’t deal with the yucky drink. We end up walking all the way back into the mall to the tea place to get a refund because Rude boy who should be called Idiot boy, can’t make a drink right. We are still dying of thirst and don’t trust Idiot boy to make another drink.

So I have this great idea (Oh. No.) that we should go back to Pinkitzel for their refreshing pink lemonade that we had at my birthday party last year. I forgot to mention that on our first trip there earlier that day we noticed changes at this place too. Like they no longer have the section for the Tea for Two (or Four, Six, or Eight). They filled that area with more stuff to buy. They also had this new side of the road parking in front of the parking lot that isn’t really for “parking” it’s for waiting inside of your running car for someone to get dropped off or picked up. Loading zone or something. On our way there this time we came from the mall, a different direction from earlier after lunch at The Loaded Bowl and somehow we couldn’t turn left into the parking lot so we had to go around the block and some more blocks so we could get a proper right turn. While we were making our turns around a bunch of blocks I see a coffee/tea place. We make a mental note to stop there at another time. After making all of the turns around blocks to get into Pinkitzel’s tiny parking lot, we get inside and find out they don’t have the pink lemonade. What they do have is Birthday Cake and Cookie Dough and other sweet flavored sodas that all look like tummy aches. We decide to visit that tea/coffee place now instead of later. But we do get another cupcake and more macarons and then drive on over to get our much needed tea.

All About Cha is the name of the tea and coffee place. But…before we can even go there we have to find a parking space! We thought we got lucky because there were two empty spaces right in front plus another space about to be open because a car was about to leave. But we get closer and see that it’s “loading zone” again. So we drive around the block and another block or two and find one open near the tea place. BUT it’ll have to be a parallel park and we attempt it but decide nah, don’t have time for that. Then we just drive up to the loading zone and think we can make it a quick trip inside to get drinks to go. We park in the third spot and Sis says we should park in the next space right by a tree so we could hide behind it. We move up one space next to the tree and quickly get out to run inside. We’re cracking up because once we get inside we really can’t see the car behind the tree. It’s dark out and she has a tiny black car. We start coming up with excuses why the car is parked and not running with a person inside waiting. We joke that any second now we’re going to see a tow truck zoom up to take the car away. But it’s well after hours so we’re fine. And then someone else pulls up to park behind us so we know it’s all right.

Are we not meant to have tea today? Haha. Ok, so this time we get a menu and sit at the nearest table to the register. I should mention that this place is rather large with lots and lots of tables with big comfy slouchy chairs. We order and the guy asks, “for here?” And Sis says “yes-NO! To go” I clearly heard the NO To go. We sit at the table with the plain wooden chairs again to wait. We won’t be here long anyway, we gotta run back out to the hidden car in the loading zone remember? Or so we think! The girl brings our drinks and they are not in to-go cups so Sis says “We’re chillin’ here I guess.”🤷🏻‍♀️ She ordered a Red Bean Green Freddo and I ordered an Iced Mogua Latte-minus the latte. I hate milk. They were interesting…nice drinks for maybe a dessert. Not for quenching a thirst. After like almost halfway through the drinks we notice how hungry we are. All that going non-stop all day we KNEW we were hungry we just didn’t feel it. We both get warm potato soup and cold Fiji water. Sooo yummy. After we ate and our tummies were full and we could think clearly again, we realize how crazy our drinks were. Like why would we order those?? A drink with red beans in it? A super sugary seedy drink that’s supposed to have milk in it? We have a good laugh at why we probably picked those. Red beans are food and apples and pears are food, which were in mine. The drinks weren’t all that bad, they were just really sweet and we were really hungry and that wasn’t a good combination. Next time we’ll know exactly what to get even if we are starving because we took a menu.

All the places we went that day:

  1. Church
  2. Bank 1
  3. Bank 2
  4. Sonic
  5. Walls
  6. The Mule
  7. The Loaded Bowl
  8. Pinkitzel x2
  9. David’s Bridal
  10. Party City
  11. Target
  12. Moliere
  13. Von Maur
  14. H&M
  15. Dillard’s
  16. All About Cha

This story may sound stressful and a few times it was but mostly the whole day was so much fun.

But like any day we’re together, if it wasn’t fun, we would make it fun!

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