Payless. But Not Really.

I would say this is my favorite shoe store but now that I think about it, I only have two pairs of boots and two pairs of sandals and two pairs of flats from this store. One pair of flats I use as houseshoes so they kinda don’t count. And you really don’t pay any less than other shoe stores. But I know they would always have my size, 5.

Well, now they are closing their stores and I really don’t care about that but they are closing their online too! That’s what I’m sad and kinda mad about because even though I don’t have many shoes from this company, all that I have were ordered online.

First Kmart leaves, and now Payless. Kmart also had a good selection of size 5 too. I only have one pair of sandals from Kmart and I think they are hidden underneath the seat in my car…but it was nice to know that they carried my size if I wanted to go there.

Now where am I going to get shoes? Regular stores are always sold out of my size when I finally make it in. Or they have shoes I don’t like.

I guess I’ll be walking around like my Pokémon Go character.

NO SHOES! I didn’t like the free shoes the game had so I chose none. If I’m going to buy shoes, it’s gonna be in real life.

I hope you heard the attitude in that sentence.

I did get a pair of Martha Stewart shoes from Payless though! I like Martha.

I got them when they came out and will probably wear these everyday when the weather warms up. Martha Erryday. Like a rap line.

So now I really can’t have a shoe addiction. Because there are no shoes for me to buy.

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