January is almost over and like almost every project I do, this resolution post is late.

Maybe the truth is I don’t know what I want to do this year. Last year (2018) I wanted to fill up my makeup case that my Supercool Daughter got me for Christmas (2017) and I did that. Thanks to her and my sis, I have a full makeup case and then some. I had a lot of fun picking out products. Maybe this year I’ll actually learn how to put the makeup on. That will be first on my list for this year!

Along with learning how to properly put makeup on, I want to do something like refill my Magic: The Gathering card deck. But I’ve collected plenty of stuff over the years when I set them as my “resolutions.” All of that stuff has made me happy and magic cards will add a lot to that happiness but I think maybe I should do something different this time.

No, it’s not cutting down on Coca Cola or fries, and definitely not pizza. It’s not even exercising. I like to make resolutions that I can keep, ya know.

I’ll also have another busy spring. I’m taking three classes again plus my regular 40 hour work week, plus my video game time. That equals no time.

Then I have a surgery coming up at the beginning of summer and then a vacation at the end of summer. Not to mention Soonercon in the middle of summer. I guess I should include 4th of July because there’s always a party going on somewhere.

Oh and Wizard World in the fall AND the quilt auction too! I’m excited about both. I won’t even talk about Halloween and Christmas because that’s of course.

And all the birthday parties and people celebrations throughout the year! New babies and weddings.

Plus, all the little weekend adventures here and there.

Maybe my goal for this year is just to survive. Because in the midst of all this fun I will still be taking classes and procrastinating homework.

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