I Blame Pokémon Go

Since I started playing Pokémon Go, I haven’t given much thought to the weather. I used to post pictures of gray skies and the temperature quite a bit on my stories. Now, I have to remind myself to take a picture of my favorite dreary days. I’ve been waiting all year for it but now I’m only interested in whether or not I’m walking (or driving, mostly I’m driving, not walking) enough to hatch these Pokémon eggs.

So last week or something we got some ice. I barely got pictures of it. Because I was watching my phone, waiting to get into perimeter of the Pokéstops and Pokégyms. I only went out to go to work so that was my only opportunity. There are a few stops and one gym from the parking lot to my building so I have to decide if I want to spin and catch Pokémon or if I want to take pictures. If I don’t get pictures during that short walk from the parking lot to the building then I won’t get any at all. Kinda sad because I have a favorite sidewalk that I used to take pictures of during different times of the day and season. Now, it’s me walking quickly down that sidewalk trying to get as close to the edge without looking crazy just to reach the line of the Pokégym so I won’t have to walk only a few feet over to get onto a different sidewalk that takes me directly to the stupid gym. I’m not going in that direction.

Here is a picture that could’ve been awesome. I’m joking though, I don’t hate PG, because I could always be not lazy and get out to take some real pictures.

What you see is the sidewalk going to work. This is my favorite sidewalk but the view is much better going the opposite direction. Like going from work.

Those branches are eye level but I had an umbrella so I just walked right through them. It was fun. Ice is dangerous so don’t try this at home, or anywhere, but I like walking on iced grass and making it crunch.

It’s only January and for the past couple of years we’ve been getting snow in February and March so there’s hope for another snow day with pictures.

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