2019 Continued

Here is my list for this year. I don’t think I’ve ever called them resolutions, I usually just say “This year I’m gonna…” and then I do it. It’s easy stuff and it’s only one thing so I can. This year I’m going for three. Still keeping it easy though. Well, maybe not the first one on the list.

1. Learn to JEFFREE STAR my makeup. As in make my makeup look fabulous so I will be “Jeffree Star Approved.”

2. Publish my stories in a timely manner. Like most of my posts are from the previous month. Gosh.

3. Drop all my extra crafts. I like modpodging, making felt hair accessories, ribbon pens, etc. but I don’t need these like I do fabric and yarn.

Number 1 will be the most difficult obviously, but it’s a challenge I look forward to. I’ve never said that before. Ever. Wow, is this new year new me? But I have all year to work on it and since I got my Alien Palette for Christmas (2018) from My Dear Love, I’ve been practicing. So hopefully by the end of the year my makeup skills will have me looking like an Instagram model and not like the Joker.

Number 2 needs no explanation if you read between the lines. “You published that on December 22, but Black Friday is in November…” I still have quite a few from last year that I need to post. …this year.

Number 3 I guess you can say I’m decluttering. De-junking. Whatever, I’m over it. Dang, it really is new year new me. I normally wouldn’t part with any type of craft supply however junky they may be. But not this year, it’s bye unnecessary extras!

To be continued in 2020.

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