I’ve always heard about this large cross off the highway in Tx but never had any interest in visiting because I don’t go anywhere that is farther than from here to Tulsa. But we stopped on the way home from the Beth Moore event in Arizona.

I didn’t know there was a lot more to it. Quite a bit more.

When you drive up there is a circle surrounding the cross with statue scenes from Jesus’s life and other scenes. There are plaques at each statue explaining what they are along with scripture.

The last supper scene isn’t in the circle, it’s off to the side and behind that up some stairs are the three crosses. At the foot of Jesus’s cross, I’m not sure if it was meant to be this way, but there are broken flat rocks all around and visitors have written messages or signed their names thanking Jesus for what he has done. It was raining a bit the day I went so I was being helpful to everyone and trying to find dry rocks and a sharpie for them to write messages. Or else I would’ve been like, “No, these aren’t tears, they’re raindrops that keep falling into my eyes and then down my face” Underneath the crosses is the open cave where Jesus rose. You can walk inside.

I suggest you give yourself some extra time when planning a visit. It’s not a place where you can just make a quick stop to look. You’ll really want to take it all in without any rush to get back on the road. Read every plaque.

There’s also a gift shop and a mini waterfall. Very serene.

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