Using To Your Advantage

There are lots of things that go wrong and when they do, why not use it to your advantage? There are certain situations that might not work, but in my situation, I can and it has worked. Like being really tired. I try to be positive-somewhat. For a person who hates people I look on the bright side! I’m so arbitrary.

I need like 12 hours of sleep a night to be energized and talkative. When I get 6 or less, or even the normal 8, I walk around like a zombie. A vampire zombie. But that tiredness is my natural calming drug. People meditate or do yoga or smoke or drink or take anxiety medication to relax and be calm. I don’t like stress and do what I can to avoid it but when it happens, my tiredness usually keeps it minimal.

One example is from work a few years ago when we started using a new computer program and of course no one knew much about it so one morning all of the work we did wasn’t showing up. So the manager called me and a coworker into her office that afternoon and asked what we did because she couldn’t find our work and I don’t remember if I even answered because I was too busy watching my coworker act all nervous. Coworker kept saying she did this and did that and she knows it should be all be in there because she did a ton of it all morning. And she couldn’t stand still, it’s like she was pacing in place. I just wanted to say settle down Coworker, it’s not our fault, why are you freaking out? And I wondered if I wasn’t so tired all the time, would I be nervous and freaking out too? This is one of the many situations where I’m thankful for my tiredness and the no emotion, no stress effect it has on me.

I’ve been anemic for a while now, but I’ve never noticed because like I said earlier I’ve always been lazy and needed 12 hours of sleep. And no I haven’t always been anemic. When I did end up at the dr sometimes they’d check and I wouldn’t be. Now I’m taking iron pills until I can get my iron back up.

I wrote this far and now I don’t remember my point. I’ll make a new point. I want to get better, but kinda don’t want to lose my laziness, if that’s even the cause of my laziness. And the only reason is because of the (mostly) stress free life that being tired gives me.

But if you have some kind of problem, try to use it to your advantage until you get it fixed. Like superheroes, they get bit by spiders or start mutating and then use their new power (or situation) to help others. This is the ONLY TIME EVER that I will tell you to be like the heroes instead of the villains. I’m a villain myself. I have been bit by a spider before but all I got was a bottle of antibiotics. Maybe because I would’ve used my super spider power to take over the world…? Yeah. Most likely.

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