Beth Moore

I got to go to one of her events! This was my first and I hope it won’t be the last. It was really far from home but it was worth it. So much fun and such a great message. And I’m not the type of person who says “such a great message” but I said it so you know it had to be a great one.

This event was called Arise. It’s actually a two day event, the first day being leadership training and the second day is the event. We were still traveling to get there during the first day so we only made it to the second day.


This event was for native women (but it was ok if you weren’t) and held on the Navajo reservation. It was great to see so many tribes represented. We had quite a few just from Oklahoma!

Each of her events are different because her messages are specific to the city she’s visiting. Which makes it cool if you get to catch her again in another city. I plan to go when she gets to Oklahoma City in 2019.

This is what we were to take away from the lesson:






I wanted to add that because of this picture.

On each side of the platform was a painted sign with one of those words: Seen, Summoned, Supplied, Sent. And on the side I was sitting was the word Seen and I just thought it was the best because I finally “seen” Beth Moore and my picture proved it! Ok, it made better sense on my Snap and Instagram story. But anyway.

I like that she was off the platform getting close to the people like almost more than she was on the platform. At one point, me being in the second row, I could’ve reached out and touched her. She was that close! A little girl in the front row reached her arms out and Beth bent down to hug her while she was in the middle of a sentence. It was adorable! This is what I like about her, she’s not up on some high platform looking down on you, she’s right there in the crowd with you. And she acts out some of the stories she tells which is also the best! That’s what she’s doing in this picture.

I almost forgot to mention the dance party in the afternoon! I only had a few short clips but they were all on Snap so I didn’t add them here. It was a lot of fun.

I rarely ever admire anyone, but she’s one of the very few that I can honestly say that I do. I’ve been a fan of hers for years. Her bible studies and videos are entertaining and of course you learn a lot. She’s my fav.

Go check her out!

The rest of the story.

There were a lot of little ones, well behaved little ones I’m guessing because I didn’t realize there were so many until Beth had their parents bring them down to pray over them. I was wondering why there was a baby changing/feeding station! I thought it was so sweet they had one.

Which brings me to some little ones that wanted to be in our pictures! We were taking pictures of some signs and they ran up and stood in front of them so we were like do you want to be in the picture? And they said yeah. The background is blue, and pretty, and I know this was an event for women but I kind of wish there was a less girly background nearby for us to point them to. But it doesn’t matter, they were sooo cute!

This is the gym the event was in.

This is the bus we rode in. Thankful the Muscogee (Creek) Nation let us borrow it for the trip. I forgot how many different tribes there were in all but the bus was full. I know Seminoles had the most. Including me.

Very nice ride. Movies and big windows!

Big windows so I could take pictures of places I’ve never been before.


But seriously, if you get the opportunity to experience a live event or to participate in one of her bible studies, or even a second-hand book, do it! I don’t write in my study books so I can pass the blessing on when I’m done. I’ve only done a few but when I get more I’ll be willing to share.

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