Dear Grandmas

Dear Grandmas,

Thank you for your crafting skills. I learned the basics in sewing and beading and painting. I took sewing a bit further and taught myself how to quilt.

Thank you for being a hoarder, so as a kid I could always find something to play and mess with at your house. I never got bored.

Thank you for being so cool that when your children got into a bar fight and someone tried to make it an insult against you, you turned it into a compliment. I will never be embarrassed of my family.

Thank you for being calm in stressful situations, so that when I found myself in a stressful situation I was able to remain calm while working out a solution.

Thank you for being strong, so that when I want to give up or be weak, I think of how you don’t let things keep you down. I don’t need muscles for that.

Thank you for being strong again, when you were in the hospital for surgery and I talked to you on the phone and you didn’t have a hint of worry in your voice. I’ll always remember your strength.

Thank you for being so crazy (not really) that you were comfortable driving through bad neighborhoods in OKC when I was a kid that I now have no fear (but I am cautious and careful) and don’t freak out when GPS gets me lost. I thought it was fun when I was a kid, so I might have been the crazy one!

Thanks Grandmas.

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