New Phone!

Finally, after all this time! I had to get a new phone because my old one kept locking up and it wasn’t that big of a deal, but ok it was a big deal. The camera would go black and stay that way for a few minutes until I restarted it or just said fine and left it alone.

This could’ve maybe been part of the problem… 134 weeks of no backup. My computer, which is also ancient, stopped connecting to it a couple of years ago so that’s not my fault.


Rumor has it that my electronics can’t handle me and all try to die. Some successful, others get revived and will grudgingly live on for a while longer. My iPhone 6s was on the edge and ready to jump. I was holding it in a headlock and wouldn’t let it go. But now that I have my new iPhone X, I just might be the one to push that 6 off the ledge. No, I’m kidding. I loved that phone. Seriously. The camera was the best! When it worked. Ok, now I’m thinking about pushing it again. No, wait. I won’t push it. I’ll leave it alone and let it go on with it’s life…or no life? Whatever it wants. But only because it did work each and every time WITHOUT ANY PROBLEMS during the beloved Slayer concert. I’ll always love my 6s for that.

But really, if it didn’t freeze up at random times I’d still have it. I got called stubborn because I refused to upgrade but I just really liked the camera. A lot. X, you better not let me down. You’ve heard the stories. You’ve seen the cases.



As long as I’ve had this one case, and everything I put it through, it really doesn’t look that bad.

Because of this case, my phone was definitely a survivor. These should come with Chasity the Tech Killer guarantees.


I can’t have any other phone case besides Griffin Survivors. As good as Otterboxes are, those poor, cute little otters can’t handle my destructive lifestyle. Back in the iPhone 3 days I had an Otterbox and destroyed it-through normal wear and tear. I wasn’t playing baseball with it or anything!

I completely forgot what color my phone was. It’s pretty!


All the years I’ve had Siri, I never used it until this year and that was only to text while driving. Only once or twice. In a school zone. So I was driving really slow! AFTER HOURS when no one was at school! Anyway.

HIM: You’ll have to set up Siri this time.

Me: With MY voice??

HIM: Yes. What did you want me to use my voice? It will only work for me.

Me: I don’t want to talk to it.

HIM with his phone: Watch this, “Hey Siri” (Siri answers). Now you say it. (Of course it didn’t answer me, and now he’s showing off that Siri is only listening to him)

Me: Ok, you tell Siri to tell ME I’m beautiful.

HIM: … No.

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