Reusable Container

First off, I want to say how surprised I am at myself for using a container that has to be washed instead of one-time use ziplock bags. I’m the type of person who doesn’t like to carry anything because I’m kinda lazy. And I don’t like anything to do with getting dishes clean-sinks, dishwashers, two hands that get so dry from the dish soap. Yuck. My purse is tiny and I manage to get everything I need and more into that tiny purse. And more means snacks. But carrying anything besides that tiny purse, I feel like is just in my way I guess. Going to work I carried snacks and sometimes lunch in ziplock bags all packed into plastic grocery sacks. Not attractive for one, but I only had to make it inside the building and hardly anyone arrived at the same time so I wasn’t embarrassed at all. Not that I would be because I don’t care. I could put it all away when I got to my desk. Going home was easy because I only had my purse to worry about. The food was all eaten by the end of the day so the ziplocks were all thrown in the trash. But no more! I’m starting a change. Slowly, but I’m on my way.

Girly and I went shopping at Target and found this.


Kinda looks like a baby wipes container or Kleenex box with the paper towel inside. It’s so you can see the picture better.

Here’s one showing the healthy snacks! Of course I’ll be putting chips in it later but this is for the picture.


What really made me buy it was the sign language. It’s such an important language but it’s so overlooked and I know just me using a nice container with pictures isn’t bringing much awareness to anything, but as I said earlier, I’m slowly on my way to making changes that will be better for everyone. You, me, the planet we LIVE on. And if someone as lazy as I am can change and somewhat make a difference, then I know others who aren’t lazy can do even better.

I’m calling you out.


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