Now for the story of why I eat pizza for 4-5 meals a week.

A normal conversation starter at any time goes like this.

Them: Are you eating pizza?

Me: Yes.

Them: You’re always eating pizza.


Sometimes it goes like this.

Them: Are you eating pizza again?

Me: When am I not?

Them: Oh right.


One more before we get to the story.

Them: Are you eating pizza for breakfast??

Me: You’ve seen me eating a cupcake and a caramel apple with a side of chips for breakfast, how is pizza surprising?

Them: ….


So I might have it figured out. At lunch one day I was telling my friends that I think my body is used to pizza because I’ve been eating pizza for as long as I can remember. I guess it knew it would have to accept it because it wasn’t going to get anything else. It all started when I was in 7th grade when I got to eat what I wanted and didn’t have to eat what the rest of the family was eating and I only knew pizza so that’s what I ate because that’s all I liked. And there were more choices in school too. In the school cafeteria there were two lines for pizza, one for the thin, rectangle pizza and one for the thick, round pizza. I would take turns with the lines, one day in the rectangle line and the next day in the round line. If anyone ever says the rectangle cafeteria pizza back in the day was yuck, they are LYING. I wasn’t the only one in that line.

Then there is what I call home pizza, the pizza I got when I went home. We had Pizza Hut, Mazzios, Dominos, Little Caesar’s, and probably a few generic pizza places that didn’t make it to this day. I had plenty to choose from that I never got bored. I had their phone numbers memorized. I’m sure I’m the one who kept them in business all those years. They should’ve given me an award for being their #1 customer. That would be something to show off to visitors at our house. Not my perfect (or even decent) school attendance award because that never happened, but my award for being a loyal pizza customer…to all four pizza places.

But let’s not forget about the pizza you have to cook at home. Frozen pizza and pizza mixes! Yes, I cooked back in the day! Sorta. In the toaster oven but it still counts. I had to mix ingredients and watch the time. Anything that doesn’t involve someone knocking on your door and handing you food is what I call real cooking. Back to the list of frozen pizza items. There were pizza rolls, pizza bagels, pizza pockets, and the Totino’s Party Pizza that I’ve been known to make jokes about when describing one of the beginner quilts I made a few years ago. Those Party Pizzas are awesome. And have an awesomely low price!

There it is, why I eat pizza multiple times a day, multiple times a week. Truth is, pizza is easy. And I just like it.

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