My name is Chasity and I’m a jewelry addict. I’m not trying to get help or anything, unless it’s you helping me pay for more jewelry. Then yes, help me all you want. I used to have an addiction to dressy shoes but I was able to quit that. Now, it’s jewelry. And the jewelry I get is inexpensive. Like clearance and sale jewelry. Most of it is $5 and under. So that’s a better addiction.

There’s really no point to this except that I wanted to show off my cute little ring that actually fits my ring finger. And I got it on sale.


So it’s not a real ring, it’s a Midi ring, the kind that goes above your knuckle instead of below it. But it fits me perfectly and that’s what matters.


This is what my rings usually look like. All washi-taped up to fit.


While we’re here I guess I can show you what I do to jewelry that I kinda like except for this or that, but will completely like once I improve it by getting rid of this or that.

These were clearance earrings at Walmart. $1! I like shiny but the giant DINNER PLATE was a little too much. It makes me think of an alien or squid or one of those tripods from War of the Worlds.


So I destroyed it then put it back together the way I like.


I’m happy now.

Please buy me jewelry.

Or shoes.

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