Reusable Bags

My adorable daughter has inspired me so much. She was the first in our family to use reusable bags and make good argument why. Because of her good influence I bought my own. These are from the site Baggu, where Adorable Daughter buys hers.

They are folded into a thin, lightweight pouch that you can easily throw in your purse or keep in a car compartment or maybe even fit in a pocket. The gingham and dalmatian were both $10 each and the solid black mesh is originally $14 but I got it on sale for $10. Free shipping at $30!


They have three sizes: Baby, Standard, and Big. I only bought the standard size because I don’t think I could carry anything bigger. I’ve seen E pack quite a bit in her standard size and she’s had them for awhile so I know they are durable.

I’m pretending I’m Cruella with my Dalmatian bag.


This is our latest Target trip, and we found out that they give you .5 cents off for bringing your own bag. I went to buy food but instead bought dresses and hand soap.



The dresses and a few soaps are out of the bag but as you can see there is plenty of room for so much more.

I hope you start using reusable bags too! If you don’t buy from the Baggu site, then get them from somewhere. Let’s do our part to look stylish while helping the environment!

Here is a video.

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