Teaching NOUNS

This is for teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL), but it could be used for English first language elementary students too. Stickers make it fun.

Procrastinated until Saturday night to prepare a lesson for Monday. LATE Saturday night, as if you couldn’t tell by the quality of work. Sad face. And no I didn’t have time on Sunday.

Cut some index cards in half and put some stickers on them. That’s how I came up with some of the words for the nouns, by what stickers I had available.

So glad I hoarded stickers all these years.

It’s a game, like Slap Jack if you’re playing with a group or like Solitaire if you’re playing alone.

Pick a noun or all the nouns and whenever a card with the noun shows up, whoever slaps the card first gets the card. A dealer would be helpful.

If playing like Solitaire, just shuffle them and put them in three noun columns as fast as possible, maybe time yourself.

I had a pack of Batman v Superman stickers.

My favorite sticker.

I have princess and superhero stickers but no villains? Wonder Woman got to make another appearance.

(If anyone is reading this, I like Harley Quinn. Hint, hint, please send some villain stickers)

Guess who this be.

I have lots of holiday and Harry Potter and random stickers that people have given me over the years because they knew I loved stickers. This let me be as creative and (maybe a little crazy) as I wanted to for this little project. Like…

Candy corn conehead kids.

I really wanted to use this SPOILED sticker but thought it might confuse the students which word they needed to focus on. It could be like a wildcard, either/or. But for now I didn’t use it.

Because I didn’t have a “sweetest, kindest, bestest in the world” sticker.

The good thing about these cards is you can mix and match. This stack also had adjectives and verbs but you can throw some other grammar stuff into it depending on what you want to teach. And they are small enough to keep in a backpack if you don’t have a permanent classroom with storage.

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