Father’s Day 2020

I love this pattern! Get it here.

Like with Mother’s Day, I wanted to try something new, but this time I followed the instructions exact. Turned out really nice! Lookit:


This is what the pattern looks like. It’s from Dana Willard (Made Everyday) and she’s just adorable. She’s really good with simplifying things for beginners.

Print it, cut it, tape it together. It’s numbered and colored to make it easier.
Grainline, what? Ok, so I didn’t follow instructions exact.
Pattern weights.

The pattern comes with written instructions too, in case you don’t get to watch the video or are like me and get tired of pausing and rewinding.

I found these little splinter wood mini crates to put the folded ties in. They fit perfectly.

Hope you have tweezers, a bright lamp, and a magnifying glass.

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