Mother’s Day 2020

This year I tried out a new project. It’s actually a mix of two different tutorials, the measurements from one and the instructions from another.

Turned out all right. Take a look.

Remind me to turn a light on next time I take pictures.
Remind me to use a lint roller next time I take pictures.

These were for Daughter (not shown), Sis, Sis-in-law, and Mom.

Then I had to be extra and make the gift bags cute. I made the flowers out of scrap felt and hot glued them on.

Remind me not to make the bag cuter than the gift next time.

I can give you the measurements I used for these zipper box pouches but can’t give you both video tutorials. I wrote the measurements down from one video and then weeks later couldn’t remember the name of the woman (she was blonde and wore nail polish…?) so that’s how I ended up using instructions from this other lady’s video.

INSTRUCTIONS HERE. I don’t like the clappy snappy background music but other than that she’s good with explanations and looks like she’d be related to me. Haha.

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