Spring Break Day 2020

The joy!

This year I chose a Monday, mainly because I was hoping work would get cancelled later in the week and I would get extra days off. That’s another story.

I haven’t played video games in a few weeks. Probably since January. My Sis invited me to play Call of Duty Warzone with her and E so we had a Girl Squad!

My headset chose that day to be stupid and not work so the girls could talk to each other and of course I could hear them on screen but I had to text them to reply to their onscreen questions or to tell them something. I even tried to get my character to move it’s gun up and down for yes and left to right for no. I just looked funny and yes, we all laughed but no one knew I was laughing because they couldn’t hear me.

I was also trying to figure out the controls while playing, because in all my years of video games I don’t think I ever looked at the screen that tells you what buttons do what. I was just kinda so dumb that I would say, “I want this button to jump, this one to do that, etc.” and whoever was near me would make it happen. I called it magic. They would probably call it annoying because that is basic beginner knowledge.

Anyway, the game was super fun but also difficult because if you die, which I did A LOT, you got one chance per game to come back on your own. You got sent to the Gulag where you have to shoot or fight or throw something but mainly shoot the other person to win your life back. But if you don’t win in the gulag, your team can buy you back with money looted in the game. Either way, you would float back into the game with a parachute and land next to your team.

Except me, one time I didn’t pull the cord in time because I forgot which button to push and plopped down right next to the girls and died. Right after they bought me back!

I didn’t know what I was doing in the gulag. I probably went up to the lockers and pushed the X button hoping they would open and I’d find an item like in other games.


Look at these girls with their good weapons and me with my little water gun that did nothing in the game. User error? You bet!

These girls about to take care of business and I’m over here taking pictures.
I’m watching to make sure no one steals our helicopter…

It’s fun, get it and play!

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