Christmas Crafting Part 1, But Not Part 2

We are making ornaments this time.

Diane hosted the crafting party Part 1 and there was supposed to be a Part 2 on another day but that didn’t get to happen. This party happened way before Christmas but 2019 had a habit of being stupid so you’re reading this now, in 2020. Even though this was in drafts for weeks last year. Posting late. Trashing one of my goals for last year, which was not to post late.


This is Diane’s cute dining table before the craft attack.

This is part of the table after the attack.

Some of these pictures came from my Snapchat so the quality is 2019 (meaning horrible).

This is what I was working on. Some Harry Potter ornaments that my Sis printed for me. She also helped me put some together. No pictures because I didn’t get to cut them all out and assemble everything before Christmas. Only a few made it to my tree.

Sis was using her cricut to make stickers for the ornaments and these are a few of Diane’s cricut-stickered ornaments and painted wood ornaments.

And a day can’t go by without me trying to paint or color something black.

No need to roll your eyes, I just rolled them for all of us. But it is fun painting things black. I’ve done it for decades.

This crafting day actually took place on November 9th. Plenty of time before Christmas. I think I’ll suggest to the girls that this year we should start Christmas crafting in August. There’s nothing fun going on in August, that’s when fall semester school starts. Blah.

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