Definitely not my vision, I wear contacts and glasses.

It’s a new year and with it, new promises to break. Just kidding. This year I’m going to do something easy, like “go ahead and buy that fabric” or “might as well add more stuff for free shipping” or “these cute shoes want to come home with me so I’ll take them.”

You know, things I’ve been doing all along. But this time without the slight guilt. There was never enough guilt to make me feel bad but I knew it was there and it could potentially be a good vibe killer. So this year I’m dropping all those tiny bits of guilt that weren’t really a problem anyway but 2019 SUCKED and I want to make sure this year is super easy. Not that I have to make goals but I want something to look forward to and distract me from this year’s homework.

2020 Goals:

1. Go ahead and buy that fabric.

2. Add more stuff to my cart for free shipping.

3. Take those cute shoes home with me.

Simple enough. Guilt free enough. And best of all, I do this anyway so there’s nothing new to learn.

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