Not out of the country. I’m not even moving across town. It’s like a few blocks this way and a few blocks that way. I’m still in the same zip code. I don’t know how to explain moving far, but not that far. It’s not walking distance to here and not in the same neighborhood. Oh, I guess I could just say I’m moving to a new neighborhood. But wait, then you’d think I was “movin’ on up” or something. No. I don’t want to live on the East side.

Well, anyway. I just want to go on record saying how much I appreciated this little house. Because it wasn’t as little as I complained. When I had to go looking for a house to rent, I saw how great I had it here. We just can’t stay here anymore because the house looks like it’s literally going to break in two. Or more pieces.

There had always been a slight crack in the living room ceiling, like someone drew a crooked line on the ceiling with an ink pen. Then years went by and then the line got a couple of inches longer, but not so bad that I noticed right away. Then one day I walked in and was surprised that the ceiling wasn’t on the floor. The crack was so wide and long I was half expecting Hollows to come crawling out of it.

This is how it started. This line is in the kitchen now, where one wasn’t before.

More entrances to Hueco Mundo. That’s where the Hollows in Bleach live. In the anime/manga Bleach, there are these ghost creatures that come to the real world by splitting the sky. I don’t need to show you a picture, just imagine a scary thing crawling out of this crack.

If Hollows don’t crawl out of that crack, Sinister might.

Sinister House. That’s the name I gave this house. For every house we live in, I name it after a scary movie based on some of its features. Like this attic entrance in the hallway, just like in the movie Sinister. We also have a Poltergeist tree in the front yard but I already used that name two or three houses ago. Our previous house was called Haunting in Connecticut because of the wood paneling in the hallway. When I walked down the hall I would keep my arms close to my side. If you haven’t seen that movie, uh, they had a wood wall dining room and you should just watch that movie all the way to the end.

Here’s the Poltergeist tree. It doesn’t look so menacing now with all the leaves still attached. It does looks elegant when we have an ice storm and it’s covered in ice though.

But hey, let’s throw a filter on and see how frightening it can get!

Now you have a visual of something that could potentially crawl through one of those cracks to drag you out of bed.

Goodnight! Ahaha…

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