Product Review! ColourPop Villains Lipstick

I feel like a real social media person now. Joking. This isn’t really a review but more like a HEY LOOK AT THIS COOL STUFF!

My awesome friend JP, who is also into makeup now, surprised me with these goodies after my surgery. You know I wanted to scream when I saw them!

These are the ColourPop villains lipsticks. And just happens to be all of my favorites! Like seriously, I don’t care about any of the others.

Long ago when I was young, I appreciated packaging. I took the time to notice all the details and everything that went into making the products look nice and interesting. These lipsticks are definitely cool and took me back. So here I am showing you the boxes.

Now let’s look at the lipsticks!

I’m probably going to reapply lipstick unnecessarily often just so I can show off the tube.

Not only the tube but the lipstick itself! READ THIS.

Imagine sitting in a crowded place being all villainy and pulling out your lipstick and everyone looks and sees what it says and you know that they know that now everyone knows exactly who you are.

It’s wonderful. It’s me.

Snap out of it, I know.

Back to reality… I hope you get an Eminem song stuck in your head.

In case you couldn’t tell, I have used them already. I couldn’t wait! The formula is lightweight, goes on smooth, and the color is true. They didn’t feel sticky on my lips or make me paranoid about smearing it all over everything like some formulas do. The lipgloss has a tiny applicator brush that is perfect for using the right amount of gloss and for being careful not to get it all over the sides of your mouth.

And best of all, it’s cruelty free! Thanks ColourPop for being nice to animals and thanks JP for being nice to me!

I want to mention the background is the sweet gift bag she brought the lipsticks in.

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