Laziness Is Not

Using chopsticks to scoop out peanut butter from the jar and to spread on little pita breads.

Chopsticks are also good for mixing.

I do have real dishes, I promise. I just don’t have the sets that have like 35 plates and 28 bowls and whatever it is that normal people have. And my flatware is a set of 4, not the kinds used for huge dinner parties. So I only have 4 butter knives and then I’m down to using chopsticks and spoons to cut and put things on bread.

No one can tell me I don’t work hard. It takes a lot of effort using chopsticks to put jelly on toast. Or to cut a straight line in cake using a spoon.

Why don’t I use that misdirected energy to wash dishes? Because I have a fear of washing dishes.

If people can have a fear of spiders and snakes and old neighborhoods, I can have a fear of washing dishes.

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