Don’t Dream

Sounds like this could be about an 80s song or a scary movie.

No, it’s actually about going to sleep and dreaming. But don’t do it. It’ll only make you tired.

When I get like 4-6 hours of sleep a night for a whole week, I don’t dream, or I don’t remember if I do and that’s ok with me. When I go to sleep at 10:30 PM after sleeping until 1:30 PM that day, I do dream and I remember! And it’s tiring.

Last night for example, I dreamt that I was shopping in Target and people were there and you know I hate people and when I was pushing the cart around trying to look at stuff they would come over with their carts too. Like I would pick something up and look at it and put it back down and then they would do the same. And then I went to a restaurant and ordered to go, and while I was there waiting for my order I’m looking at the menu on the wall and the waitress girl gives me my receipt and I ask her if I can add something to my order and she says she doesn’t know what I’m talking about so I roll my eyes and go sit at a table to wait. Then some weirdo older guy and his weirdo family walk in and the weirdo guy sits at the table with me while his family orders and he’s staring at me and acting like he knows me and I’m just ignoring him because I’m a pro at that and then I finally get my order and I’m packing it up and he’s all trying to talk to me or something and it’s annoying and then I guess I left because I’m in a car with a family and we’re driving down some paved road outside of town and I’m in the backseat with one of the kids and the parents are in the front complaining about some woman that asked them to pick up something for her. I know the woman they are talking about and I don’t like her and I’m wondering why they are even doing this for her. The mom was driving and saying no about a lawn mower and some boxes because it won’t fit in the trunk and the dad was trying to give directions to somewhere. The whole time I’m thinking just say NO and let’s go somewhere else. But I ask what the woman wants them to deliver to her and the dad says something totally different because I guess the woman wanted multiple items and in my mind I’m picturing some cheap Avon type skin care crap. By then I’ve had enough.

Luckily the alarm goes off but I’m mad because I’m exhausted from the long day I’ve already had in my dream.

Take my advice, don’t go to sleep because you might dream. Ah, so this is turning out to be like Nightmare on Elm Street, the scary movie I didn’t mention but referred to!

Still, don’t dream because it’ll just make you tired. Freddy probably won’t try to get you but dumb real life stuff will.

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