It’s craft time yo!

A couple of gals making Valentine cards. Young Martha Stewart on the left and Sis on the right.

Young Martha bought tons of supplies, Sis brought her cricut, and I brought this little paper pack that isn’t even valentines theme. I wanted to make shapes but I ended up folding them in half to make cards.

They made cute mini cards that look HUGE in pictures.

I’m glad hearts are my favorite shape because I’m heartless because that’s what I used for my color chips project in my painting class and I saved the extras and got to use them on my cards.

Sis and Young Martha hard at work.

That wasn’t even HALF of the craft supplies. There were some on the floor and more sitting on a bench.

This is why we were calling her Martha Stewart, she had all these amazing cards that were all different styles. She pulled out a needle to work on a card and I was like WHOA!

A close up of one.

It was so fun we didn’t realize how long we were crafting! This was taken from my sister’s snap story.

Great crafting takes time. Sis did this intricate card that had sooo many tiny pieces and details! It’s the Mickey and Minnie card on the right. The cutie llama card had quite a few pieces but it wasn’t super advanced surgical level like the mouse card. She was using a tweezer tool and we were joking that she was doing surgery on it.

That was another from my sister’s snap story. It was also national pizza day and yes we did get pizza!

They have a decent salad too.

Endnote: I let my work friends pick the card they wanted. Luckily no one picked this one before I opened it and saw that I forgot to write in it!

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