Totally Not Ashamed

I barely have curtains in my house. I have curtains on the smaller windows but none in the dining room or living room, only mini blinds. It’s mostly because I have bigger windows than previous places I’ve lived and it’s hard to find curtain rods that fit. And because I hate measuring stuff. I often wonder how I manage sewing. Anyway, I am kinda not picky about things in my house anymore. If you come over, which you won’t, because I’m not inviting you, then you’d walk in and say, “Why do you only have curtains on the side window and not the front windows?” Well, being the vampire that I am, this will not make any sense but I like natural light. Not the actual sunlight shining on me, but the light from the sun that brightens the room. And no curtains means easier access to opening the blinds. I guess I can say that I only like the sun when I’m inside of a climate controlled room.

Ok, back to why I started this post. I have a curtain or curtains if you count each panel separately, on the one smaller window (but still bigger than regular windows) that’s on the side of the living room. I used to drape the panels over the light switch on a lamp that I had in the corner to hold the curtains open. Now that I moved the lamp, I don’t have anything to keep the curtain(s) open so I had to use the next best thing.

It works just as well!

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