Mabee-Gerrer Museum

On the real Black Friday day-FRIDAY, not the afternoon/evening of Thursday, I went to a museum. And got in free! I’m guessing it was because of Black Friday or maybe every Friday? I don’t know and I didn’t ask because I was too busy playing Pokémon Go, but if you brought a canned food item then admission was free. Two people benefitted, me because I have homework, and the person receiving the canned item. That’s a Black Friday deal if you ask me!

Why did I go there in the first place? I completely ignored an assignment all semester and it was due on Monday. I don’t like shopping or going places where there are tons of annoying people so I try to avoid stores. Lie, I go on the Black Friday-Thursday in the evening just to buy boots because they are only $20 and I’m poor so I have to. But on Friday, not many people are out so that is a great day to go anywhere that is open. So to the museum!

Homework is for my class Arts and Western Culture and because of this class I walked into the museum and was like, “I KNOW WHAT THAT IS, I KNOW WHAT THIS IS CALLED, WE LEARNED ABOUT THOSE!” Wow, sometimes school is awesome. It could be because the professor is great? Because I’m not normally interested in stuff like this and definitely not old history antiques and things that seem like they took a lot of time to create. I do enjoy the class though, and I have learned a lot. And I really do like the professor.

The museum isn’t that big but it has enough to keep you occupied. It’s also known as the place with the mummies. And the shrunken heads, but no one is excited about that as they are about the mummies. The shrunken heads probably scare them. It’s also right next to a supposedly haunted building that used to be a university. You should go visit sometime!

This makes me think of the Hogwarts battle when the armors were magicked alive so they could fight. Also made me think of my game Destiny because there is fashionable armor in the game and also the movie A Knight’s Tale. Oh, and Lord of the Rings.

Nice detail.

For the homework assignment we have to visit a museum and write about a work or collection of works that appeal to us. Or if it gets a negative response from us, either way.

This is an oil painting called The Lunch, by Ernst Muller (1844-1915).

I chose this painting because the kid is eating bread. I like bread. And I’m pretending that what he has in the basket are all the ingredients to make a salad. Because I like salad too.

You probably guessed from the title that I would like that one.

The next one that grabbed my attention is called New England Coast, by William Lester Stevens (1888-1969). It’s also an oil painting.

I’m not normally a landscape-nature fan, but this one I don’t mind at all. If the museum ever went crazy and was like “EVERYTHING IS FREE!” I would totally grab this one. It would be a Black Friday fight for sure because this painting is going home with me.

Are you wondering why I like it? Well, I’m going to tell you anyway. Fall. I like the colors, ALL of them. No, really. All the colors look so crisp and bright and the air looks like it would feel cool and clean. Does that sound weird coming from someone who wears all black and prefers city nightlife? I also like the white trees. When I play Minecraft I chop down all the other trees and plant the white ones to match the snow in my pretend evil empire.

Ok, the next one I have no idea who painted it or even the title. I started going on about stippling and didn’t take a picture of the information card.

I wanted to write about this one in my paper but since I didn’t have the information I couldn’t. I don’t really like anything about this besides the technique anyway. I was just excited because in my Color Theory painting class, we had to do a pointillism project and it was so fun. If I ever had the time I would do another one.

It’s a bunch of dots.

There was a modern section of the museum that we couldn’t take pictures of. The museum lady said it’s because the artists are still alive. So there’s one painting that I really liked but I wouldn’t Black Friday fight over it. It’s called Urban Anthology.

When you first walk inside the museum the gift shop is right in front of you. That’s where I bought this cute little book on a previous visit. Never used it because it was lost in my sewing supplies. I found it the other day. Good timing, it got to make an appearance in this post.

Draw your own Manga.

Before you get to the actual doors to the museum, you have to walk into this relaxing concrete garden area.

The fish are creepy as heck. My first thought was “OMG they are mini piranhas and they are going to jump out at me!” Look at them, they are looking at you! With their mouths open!

Besides the creepy fish, this is a nice little museum. I have a lot more pictures and stories but I’d rather you just go there and see it for yourself. Make up your own stories about the fish. I also left out my picture of the skylight window (an actual window, not a painting) and windows are my favorite! It’s not too far from I-40 and they even give you directions for whichever way you’re coming from.


In this case, I’m glad I didn’t post this on time because I found the handout the museum lady gave us and it has the information about the dots painting! It was two pages but I only went along with the first page because I got distracted at some point. The information just happened to be on the back of the second page. Praise the Lord.

I’m not going back up to edit and rewrite because I do this all on my phone so when I try to edit something, I end up accidentally deleting or adding junk and it’s annoying.

The dots painting is called June Morning, by William Singer, 1926.

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