Makeup Variety

Quite a few girls in my family are like makeup PROS. Most women wear makeup, duh, I know, but these girls are fun. Their everyday normal makeup is WOW, plus they can do unusual looks too! I wish they all had makeup pages so I could link them and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

When my sister and cousin get together, it’s makeover time for anyone who wants makeup! The YouTubers call it Makeup Challenge, where two people put makeup on one person, each taking a side of their face but I call it Makeup Variety. I don’t like calling it a challenge (except maybe when it’s ME) because it’s really just letting them try out two different looks that I could never possibly recreate on my own someday.

Here is Sis and Cousin at work. And stay for the surprise ending!



This time his face was their makeup canvas.

Before: Boring. Needs work.


After: Glamorous. Improvement 100%


This is makeup variety. Now he knows what he looks like in two different styles and he could do a full face of either side.

And then they went beyond! The girls gave him a wig and a hat, but the pose was all his own. He needs a name. Queen Lylee.


Now for the surprise! Even the little ones are makeup artists! CUTE!


Looks like these two are discussing techniques.



She’s helping to put the foundation on the blender.



These little girlies are the future MUAs.

You can find my cousin Kelly here and here.

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