A Festival

Last Saturday I went to a festival called Seminole Nation Days. I didn’t title this as SND because I got there, did a quick lap around the place, and then sat down for the remainder of the day. So to name it that would’ve been misleading. I don’t have any pictures or video of the festival to show except for the food tent where I sat because I was too hot and tired to go anywhere else. Maybe next year I’ll not be so lazy. I’ll wear light colored clothing (oh gosh the horror) or carry around a battery powered personal air conditioner or something. I say this every year, but really, maybe next year for sure.

The festival shares with the public some of the Seminole culture and traditions. Like the dancing and the Indian tacos and the princess pageant where the contestants wear the traditional styles of Seminole people. But they also have a small free carnival, a free concert, and food and things vendors.

Speaking of food vendors, my cousins had a tent and sold authentic Filipino noodles and egg rolls. My cousin’s wife was preparing food and cooking constantly. I barely got to talk to her.

I’m not a fan of egg rolls but these were delicious! I was joking and calling them crackrolls because people kept coming back for more. They would walk up and be like “…uh, yeah I guess I’ll try one.” then come back a few minutes later with a lot more enthusiasm to buy two or three. A few times they made multiple trips and said it was for someone else!

Not your average egg roll.

And a local celebrity stopped by to try the egg rolls! He’s known as Huley Da Cooley. You can find him on YouTube here and on Facebook doing his weather reports and birthday shoutouts.

Next year hopefully I won’t be too tired to walk around and get more pictures and video. I might have to borrow Huley Da Cooley’s cameraman Nate!

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