Goodbye 2020

I’m not saying that in a sarcastic, mean way. I know horrible things happened this year but it’s not the YEAR’s fault, it’s STUPID PEOPLE’s fault. They could do the exact same poop next year too. Is 2021 gonna get blamed then?

I actually had a good year! Despite the rough spring school semester and still slowly getting better from stuff that I was going through in 2019. I am blaming the YEAR 2019 for my problems. Anyway, I got to work/school from home. Yes, it sucked and was frustrating but I was AT HOME. I didn’t spend the majority of my time in pajamas and I didn’t go days without showering. I was clean, I wore my cutest clothes, and I was happy. I even got to practice makeup some.

I did have the stress of wondering when I’d have to go back into the office with awful people. But whatever, let me tell you about some things I did while I was already busy with full time school and full time work!

• Sewed lots of holiday gifts.

• Played video games.

• Slept over 10 hours most days.

• Actually went outside, places I usually avoid when there’s people.

• Had time to think, so I made a lot of great decisions for my life.

I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the normally crowded places that looked like a ghost town. I shopped in peace. And like the first time ever, I didn’t have to roll my eyes and be grossed out by people that are normally there with their uncovered coughing and sneezing.

I also sewed lots of masks and made mask “kits” for other ladies to sew and give to everyone. When it all began, the fabric stores closed and online ordering was slow. The girls and I just happened to be at Joann’s fabric store and overhead the worker ladies talking about a phone conversation that eventually led to the store closing. Later they did allow online ordering with curbside pickup, but luckily that day we were there I grabbed some cute black ruffle elastic. All other elastic was sold out, and I barely had any plain elastic at home leftover from other projects.

Now I could probably sew lingerie.

That’s what I get for trying to be fancy.

Side note, my Great-Aunt sews (she’s awesome at it) and when the news hit, she quickly made over 200 COMPLETED masks for relatives and her community. Then she either did curbside drop offs or mailed them to whoever needed one. Amazing, that woman.

I might’ve secretly tried to beat her score. It was for a good cause anyway.

I did use what I already had for mask ties. Which was other elastic and paracord and ribbon.

I suppose you could tie two of them together…
With paracord.
Ribbon and bias tape. This picture hurts my eyes. Sorry.
Can’t forget small ones for the kiddies!

So when I say goodbye to 2020, I’m not saying it bitterly. I’m saying Year, it is not your fault. It’s Stupid People’s fault for being horrible. I will remember the good times even if no one else wants to.

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