New Nephew!

Introducing my new nephew Zephyr.

He’s my brother’s baby. I really like his name but I’m calling him Zeph, because Auntie Dearest likes nicknames. He’s just as cute as can be! We found out that he likes to sleep during day and be awake at night. He’s definitely a member of the Nightlife clan.

I purposely put the diapers and wipes in the shot because it’s nice to look back in 20 years or so and see the first diapers he wore, the brand, stuff like that. Baby’s firsts are a neat thing to know.

Speaking of firsts, Zeph’s parent’s first date was at a pizza place called Empire. Guess what their first meal was after he was born?

Zeph’s welcome to the world was a pizza party!

Here’s Dad and Mimi (my brother and our mom) on diaper duty.

Here is one of Zeph’s cousins, Zb. (My sister’s daughter)

And this is Daddy and Mommy.

Zeph’s big brother Zay was with some cousins at this moment and then we weren’t there when he was so I didn’t get to take brother pictures.

Don’t worry, I’ll have plenty more pictures to show later!

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