Harry Potter Go

Ok, it’s Wizards Unite but is anyone really going to call it by its correct name? I haven’t heard anyone say it yet. We all just say Harry Potter. Anyway, I’m obsessed with it as much as I am with Pokémon Go. The nice part about it is you can switch back and forth and play both games at the same time because the Pokéstops are the Diners and the Gyms are Fortresses. There aren’t as many diners and fortresses as there are Pokéstops but that’s ok, there’s still enough around to get what you need.

For now I’m not going to explain how to play the game because this will end up like 100+ scrolls like the baby bib post and I still have homework to do. Blah. But this me in my Slytherin green robe looking toward OKC because I want to fly there.

What I like most about the game is the way it keeps track of the moon at night and the weather during the day. Mostly the moon at night though, because I’m a night person.

We haven’t had a real rainy day since I started playing. But we’ve had an overcast day… so clouds.

Saving the best for last, here are the nighttime moon pictures!

And here is my favorite! Because there’s a silhouette of a witch and I can say it’s me.

Now I’m going to learn the names of the phases of the moon. Who says you can’t learn anything from games?

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