This Is How I Roll

I know this is bad, but I’m poor so shut up. I’m constantly driving on empty, or very close to empty. I think like maybe once every few months I’ll have close to a full tank. Meaning a little more than half, bc I don’t know measurements and that looks like full to me.

That was a joke. I know driving slow has nothing to do with running out of gas. Unless I’m coasting, that might help. It’s because I was driving down a school street again. And this picture really bothers me because it’s so dirty. I was driving with the windows down because the weather was so nice.

Here I am spending the big bucks.

Small cars are good for poor people. $5 gets you plenty. I never look at gas prices because I’m usually just putting five dollars in anyway and don’t want to chance running out while driving all over the place looking for a lower priced station. Because by then I’m on EMPTY.

And I have favorite gas stations. One is Love’s because that’s where all the cops fill up the police cars. And I know they won’t be getting the crap gas because they can’t break down on a speed chase. The other is Domino because that’s also the name of a pizza place where I get pizza on a regular basis.

Moral of the story is don’t be poor and don’t let your car run out of gas. Be responsible.

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